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About LFET

Our Concept

LFET was founded in December 2007 in Tokyo, Japan by Asuka who had spent almost 10 years in Europe to provide English lessons and Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean translation.
Now we provide translation between 15 languages and Japanese as well as some other sets of languages, and English training for corporates and individuals.

What we always keep in mind as the most important is to offer our clients substantial services that are really helpful for them. In language services many clients face the problem that they are not always able to tell the quality of the services offered.This is the very reason there are lots of companies that use amateur translators and English instructors in order to cut cost by sacrificing the work quality. In the case of translation many foreign students without experience and even training are easily adopted. In English lesson just being a native English speaker is enough to be hired: it is not so difficult to understand that not all English speakers can be good English teachers when you suppose if all the native speakers of your tongue are able to teach the language well enough. In extreme cases being a foreigner is enough to become an English instructor in Japan!
As a result there are many websites, leaflets, contracts and other documents with problematic translation, and huge number of Japanese who do not become able to speak English logically however long they learn.
We would like to change such a situation little by little by offering substantial, fruitful services even though, as a small translation company, our influence in the industry is too limited to achieve the ambitious goal in a short period of time.

Sometimes we are asked by new customers to correct or improve the translation done by other companies. When we could satisfy such strict clients to obtain their confidence, we feel our hard effort in the severe price competition wouldn't be rewarded.

We always hope and believe that our translation services and English training help our clients in invisible way as well as its visible achievement.

Kaoru Asuka
President of LFET

Company Profile
Business Translation (many languages)
English training 
Address 5-14-8-1106 Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 
Phone (+)81-3-6673-2562 
Fax (+)81-3-6673-2562 
E-mail  info@l-fet.com 
URL  http://l-fet.com/
Bank Correspondent Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ 
Membership Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) 

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